Type II Gold Anodize of an Aluminum Plug for the Automotive Industry

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Gold Anodize of an Aluminum Plug
Gold Anodize of an Aluminum Plug
Type II Gold Anodize
Type II Gold Anodize

A customer in the automotive industry contracted us at American Anodizing Co. to perform the premium finishing of their aluminum plugs. Our Type II colored anodizing process was selected to increase corrosion and wear resistance while imparting an aesthetically pleasing decorative finish. The plug as highlighted below is composed of 6063 aluminum and measures less than 1” in diameter. Units were degreased and prepared for treatment, followed by the anodizing which was carried out by submerging the plug into a sulfuric acid electrolyte bath and applying the proper electrical current. The resulting porous layer was then infused with an organic gold dye that is permanently integrated into the aluminum oxide. The color was sealed, rendering the coating non-absorptive.

Stringent quality control measures were implemented throughout treatment, including 100% color inspection and uniform finish verification.

Turnaround time for the initial project was 5 days, completed to the customer’s satisfaction. This is now an ongoing contract, carrying out the weekly treatment of 35,000 to 40,000 plugs. The superior metal finishing capabilities available at American Anodizing are ideal for customers seeking high volume solutions. For more details about this type II gold anodize project, or the other capabilities available please see the table below or contact us directly.

Type II Gold Anodize of an Aluminum Plug Project Highlights

Product Name
Product Description
Type II Gold Anodize; High Volume
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Gold Anodizing
Color Sealing
Overall Part Dimensions
Less Than a 1 in. Diameter
Tightest Tolerances
Part Inspection of Uniformity
Material Substrate
6063 Aluminum
In process testing/inspection performed
Uniform Finish 100% Color Inspection
Industry for Use
35,000 – 40,000 per Week
Delivery/Turnaround Time
5 Days
Standards Met
Customer Specifications, CAD Drawing
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